Creative possibilities are limited only by our imagination. For just such an example check out the Memory Box.  None of this is production work. Every piece is hand crafted be it a box, carved sign or small accessory piece. Where practical, using woods of special significance to you and/or the recipient is especially meaningful. Perhaps you have a piece of wood from a special tree that once grew in a memorable location or you have in mind a particular type or species of wood such as cherry,  maple,  walnut,  birch or oak? The wood can be new, antique, salvaged or just a piece of precious scrap. Quite simply, if it's in my workshop or if you have it, it can be made into aone of a kind piece. Other materials can also be incorporated such as the old school desk metal legs featured in the Birdseye Maple Table. Decorative elements such as carvings or inlays can be added to further enhance the individuality of the piece.

My portfolio provides samples of completed projects along with a brief statement of origin and significance.  Additionally it includes examples of other items to afford a glimpse into the range of commission work completed at Woods Edge Workshop. To begin the process please contact me to discuss what you have in mind. My goal is to make your special memories yet more special and longer lasting... and affordable.

A Graduation gift  

A Graduation gift


This Memory Box, a Graduation gift, was hand crafted using many different woods that were of significance and special meaning to the recipient. From the salvaged Californian redwood to the spalted maple from Vermont, holly from Massachusetts and the salvaged spruce from a grandparent"s home, it all came together to create a truly unique and meaningful piece.




Presentation Box

A small presentation box using salvaged apple wood from an orchard in Harvard. MA, spalted maple from Vermont and a hand carved lift top handle made of a downed dogwood branch from the garden