Are all of your pieces made you?

Yes, everything you see listed and featured here is made by me using traditional tools and techniques

How long have you been woodworking?

I got my first pocket knife when I was five and whittled away with it for years. I helped my father restore an old wooden fishing dingy when I was ten and chopped relentlessly away at a beautiful piece of sycamore in the hopes of making a salad bowl when I was fourteen in wood-shop class at school. Realistically, though, I've been carving and woodworking seriously since around 2004 as a second career.

Where do you get your  wood from?

Here, in southern Vermont, we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of  local hardwoods such as cherry, maple, ash, birch and beech. I have an excellent relationship with a lumberyard and local sawyer who supplies me with unique live edge boards and spalted maple in particular. For non commercially available woods I rely on landscape gardeners, nurserymen and friends who keep an eye out for interesting wood such as the dogwood and yew used in some my bottle stoppers.

How do I begin the process of commissioning a piece?

Please contact me at your convenience. I am here in the workshop most days and will always respond promptly. No job is considered too small or odd.  I will do my utmost to make it affordable but please understand that I may need varying amounts of lead time to juggle projects in order to meet a your schedule.

How do I care for  your wood products?

As a general rule, wood and water do not work well together - never submerge any wooden item in water! Wiping with a slightly dampened cloth works well for bottle stoppers. I would also recommend using a good quality paste wax, bees wax or mineral oil to restore any sheen and lustre.

Do you accept returns?

In some instances, yes. The bottle stopper stainless steel fitments with nitrile o-rings come with a life time warranty. If that ever fails simply return the complete bottle stopper, at your cost, and it will be replaced at my cost, including shipping, back to you. For commissioned pieces if, in my opinion, it can be resold and is in unused, undamaged condition I may consider an exchange. Please contact me withing 2 days of receipt to discuss. Regrettably, personalized items e.g. carvings or other work with incised lettering cannot be returned.