Early years...

I was born in Sheffield, England and shortly thereafter our family moved to the south east estuary coast of the County of Essex.  In my formative years I relished the freedom of roaming the fields, woods and rivers of my childhood home in the small village of Paglesham. Our family of six lived together in a tiny three bedroom end terrace house which also served as the small village shop run by our father.

In such a rural setting , and with very limited financial resources,  wood (especially salvaged wood) featured prominently in our way of life. From wood boats to push go- carts, rabbet hutches to toy boxes, tree houses to pond front dens, fishing rods to bows and arrows and everything in between if we could neither make it or fix it, we simply went without.

Fast Forward...

I met my American wife, Maryann, in 1981. We were married in 1983 and shortly thereafter moved to America where we continued our careers in international banking.

After retiring from our respective careers,  we moved to Vermont where I continue to be consumed by my life long passion for all things wood and the tools with which to work it. And, yes, we live in a log house!



Welcome to the workshop - Woods Edge Workshop.  It is situated at the very southern tip of Vermont's majestic Green Mountains and is located in the Town of Whitingham- elev 1916'  & pop just 1357.

My name is Keith Cheveralls, Woodworker and owner.  I specialize in making smaller accessory type pieces letting the wood speak for itself and you.  Most of my work is done on a custom order basis. 

The workshop was completed in 2015 and comprises a basement, shop floor and studio loft.

I favour the quietness and connected feeling of working with traditional hand tools whilst selectively using basic machinery solely for efficiency of purpose.